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Ideally Speaking

Ideally speaking, where would you like to see your business in five years? This can be an overwhelming question for some company owners. Many business owners will start up a company and feel it out to see how sales go weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. They look at the numbers and growing is exciting. More and more customers come. More and more products and/or services are sold. Oh, the joy!

But then a business might hit its peak. The business has an outstanding month and then everything that comes next is compared to that successful month. Maybe it is just the timing. Maybe a competitor just took your customer. Whatever it is, it has the business owner questioning everything. He/she started lowering prices and advertising specials on almost everything he/she sells.

Having specials on all merchandise might sound like a good idea to some, but it can also be detrimental to a business staying afloat.

The marketing tip is: advertise a special on only a handful (at most) of products or services. Think about supply and demand. Do not undercut your quality products or services.

Promote and share your mission.

More peaks will come if you give advertising and marketing solutions some time.

You know, the majority of SEO firms will flat out tell you that it takes close to 6 months to start seeing results.

Ideally speaking, how enhanced would you like your digital presence to be?

When talking about social media marketing, you must be cognizant that there is a three prong approach to success. Being engaging requires high-quality content, frequent and strategic timing of posts, and use of backlinks and content on the site.

Contact Centerpiece Marketing to go over a strategic marketing plan that is right for your business. Ideally speaking, let us know what kind of results you are looking for.

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